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Web Design & Branding


Bridge Investment Group is a globally trusted publicly-traded real estate investment firm committed to driving value to its investors, tenants, residents, and communities. Throughout 2020 and 2021, our teams partnered to create multiple reports incorporating data, narrative, and powerful visuals to capture and amplify Bridge’s impact.

bridge logos_Logo.png

the objective

Quickly and efficiently create a refreshed and refined brand for Bridge Investment Group in preparation for their launch as a public company.

the deliverables

Company brand book (including logos, color hierarchy, typefaces, imagery, and examples), messaging and voice book (including their mission, vision, and values), brand anthem film, and a fully revamped website. In addition, recreate the Bridge Commercial Real Estate website to mirror the new branding and design style.


the opportunity

Bridge was seeking a partner to conduct a rebrand to their messaging, visuals, and website in preparation for their launch as a public company. Given our prior experience creating impact reports for Bridge, our team was selected to conduct this rebrand and build upon the initial visual style we produced in those reports. Recognizing that Bridge was beginning a new chapter as a company, we wanted to create a brand, film, and website that matched their success and captured their offerings and approach in a new and vibrant way.

our solution

Our ability to be thought partners, designers, writers, and researchers positioned our team to take on this multifaceted project. Our work began by immersing ourselves in Bridge, conducting stakeholder interviews to understand their needs, goals, and vision for this new chapter. From here, we began a rebrand focusing on their messaging and brand to create a voice and visual identity that aligned with who they are as a company—energetic, passionate, and multifaceted.


For their website, we used Bridge’s value-aligned story to create a clear message that amplified their impact and success as a firm. Whereas the previous site put emphasis on large imagery, we saw an opportunity to develop Bridge’s value-aligned voice to help them stand out from their competitors in a vibrant and authentic way. We worked to create branding that built on Bridge’s prior work and had a succinct visual identity and system to apply it throughout deliverables both internally and externally. In addition, we produced a brand-anthem film to further communicate Bridge’s message.

Bridge Brand Book Presentation Mockup.jpg

the outcomes

As Bridge went public in the summer of 2021, it was important to us to make sure they stood out above the noise. It was our mission to elevate the organization they built and make sure audiences understand the success of their value-aligned and data-driven investment approach. The success of our rebrand allowed us to work with Bridge Commercial Real Estate to recreate their website to match the new branding of the main Bridge website. Because of our deep relationship with their team and our thorough understanding of what they do, we were able to visually and vocally capture who they are and share it with the world.

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