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Impact Reports


Bridge Investment Group is a globally trusted publicly-traded real estate investment firm committed to driving value to its investors, tenants, residents, and communities. Our teams have partnered to create multiple impact reports incorporating data, narrative, and powerful visuals to capture and amplify Bridge’s impact.

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the objective

Create and design data-rich, visually stunning, and narrative-focused impact reports, simultaneously building a brand design and style to be used in future reports. In addition, construct an impact measurement framework to articulate the impact of our client’s work.

the deliverables

Annual Qualified Opportunity Zones Impact Report, Annual Firm-Wide ESG Report, Annual Workforce Affordable Housing Impact Report, and WFAH Impact Measurement Framework.

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the opportunity

Bridge was seeking a partner to lead the strategy, content, and design for multiple impact reports. The goal was to capture the intent and impact of Bridge’s strategies through the weaving together of data and story, and then create a professional and compelling design for the finished reports. Following the creation of the ESG and QOZ Impact Reports, our team continued our partnership to create an impact measurement framework for Bridge’s WFAH strategy and accompanying report.

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our solution

For the reports, we began by exploring the client's goals, intended audiences, and desired outcomes, allowing us to tailor our process and determine our approach. Using our 3D Methodology, we worked with Bridge to capture data and glean compelling stories to create a cohesive narrative that captured the full impact of their various strategies. Throughout the reports, we utilized data visualization to thoughtfully craft eye-catching and digestible graphics to bring the data to life. By using a distinct design style that expanded Bridge’s existing brand, we ensured that the finished reports were showcased in a visually captivating way. 


For the WFAH impact measurement component, we conducted a framework workshop to refine findings and help the team better articulate the impact of their work. Our goal was to create a framework that included new logic models and forward-looking metrics and could connect with stakeholders, ideally expanding their footprint in the industry.

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the outcomes

The ultimate goal of our work was to empower Bridge with a fresh perspective on what they already do best. By fostering a collaborative relationship with the client and using our 3D Methodology, we were able to create reports and frameworks that effectively captured and communicated Bridge’s incredible impact. The initial reports have set the foundation for future growth and have equipped Bridge with new means to effectively showcase their success as a firm.

bridge ESG report mockup spread copy.jpg
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