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Survey, Data, & Web Design


As a women-owned-and-operated strategy and marketing collective, we work with clients to bring their impact to life. We conducted a consumer insight survey in early 2022 to better understand exactly how consumers research and value brands’ social and environmental impacts.


the objective

Draw on our collective expertise to discover how COVID-19 and the social justice movements of 2020 are impacting consumer expectations and behaviors. In particular, we wanted to understand how and why consumers are interacting with eco and socially conscious brands.

the deliverables

A nation-wide survey questionnaire and resulting data analysis; an interactive website with narrative and design work around survey findings; a report of survey findings and implications for organizations.

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the opportunity

We saw a need for new consumer insights to support brands’ value alignment and social impact strategy in the continued aftermath of the year 2020. We knew from our own experience that consumer expectations had changed as a result of a global pandemic, racial justice movements, and the Great Resignation. 


The goal for this project was to understand how consumers research brands’ social and environmental impacts and, ultimately, how consumers decide which brands to interact with.

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our solution

We combined our collective expertise in data, design, and dynamic storytelling to develop a consumer insight survey and then narrate a story around its results that will resonate with brands across the nation.


Our team began by collaborating on a questionnaire that asked consumers how their outlooks have changed since 2020. Over 850 individuals from across the U.S. responded to our survey. We found that since 2020, American consumers—especially women—have changed to support socially and environmentally conscious businesses.

We wove this data into a compelling narrative that brings fresh perspective to the broader conversation around female consumers, their purchasing power, and their desire for social and environmental impact. Then, we brought this data-storytelling to life on a new website, using a design strategy that seeks to portray a collective and individual focus on women.

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the outcomes

The unexpected female-focused outcome of this survey project has not only resonated with our own work as a female-led company but also led us to become more inclusive strategists and consultants. We found that in 2022, women are increasingly demanding brands wake up to the realities of our planet and societies. We are committed to doing the same.


We are bringing this data to our clients and beyond, helping every organization see the need to:


  1. Account accurately for the share of women in your target market.

  2. Diversify your leadership teams.

  3. Reexamine your mission and values.

  4. Align your values with your target consumers.

  5. Share your values openly, where your consumers can find them.

  6. Build trust among your employees, communities,
    and consumers.

Our new findings lay a foundation for our efforts within our own consultancy as well as the efforts of organizations everywhere to be authentic, elevate their values, and leverage their power for positive social and environmental impact.

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