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Website & Brand Collateral


Diversability is a female-founded, disability- and Asian-owned organization that seeks to elevate disability awareness and pride by providing a community for people with disabilities. We worked with their team to redesign their website’s messaging, content, and visuals and focused on creating a presence to better represent the community.

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the objective

Redesign Diversability’s website with updated messaging and create corresponding print materials. Our goal was to build a more accessible website for people with disabilities, allowing them to tap into the site's resources without running into problems while using screen-readers or other external software.

the deliverables

Website and print material

the opportunity

Diversability was looking to recreate its website to better capture and communicate its mission to amplify disabled voices and democratize disability representation and access. The goal for this project was to use Diversability’s new messaging to build a visually engaging and concise website that was accessible to people with disability. Our team used our expertise in design and messaging to create the site, and ensured accessibility through the use of research-based recommendations and accessibility functions.

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our solution

Since we redesigned the website with accessibility in mind, we were able to build an entirely new and functional experience that would accommodate website users with disabilities and align much more with Diversability’s mission.

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the outcomes

Our goal for this work was to empower Diversability with a user-friendly and visually engaging website that captured their incredible mission and work. With our expertise in web design and messaging calibration, we were able to collaborate with Diversability to create a website that was not only more functional but also more concise and visually engaging—enabling Diversability to tell their story with more energy and heart.

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