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Web Design

Edna Adan Hospital

The Edna Adan Hospital is a non-profit charitable maternity hospital serving the Hargeisa area in Somaliland. Founded by Edna Adan Ismail in 2002, the hospital’s mission is to reduce the high maternal and infant mortality rate in the area. Inspired by their mission, we reached out to Edna and her team and offered to redesign the hospital’s website pro bono.

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the objective

Create an easy-to-navigate website that captures the hospital's stories of impact with the goal to provide accessible information, secure donations, and elevate their reach.

the deliverables

Redesigned website and user training

the opportunity

After meeting Edna Adan and learning about her hospital, we offered to redesign the hospital’s website as one of our pro bono community projects. We sought to create a refreshed website that highlighted stories of impact,  enhanced the user experience, and allowed Edna’s team to expand into a new space without losing recognizability.

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our solution

At the onset of this project, we met with Edna and her team to understand the purpose and goals of the website and establish a collaborative relationship. Throughout the design process, we worked with the team to hone in on the most important information and most compelling stories of impact. Rather than completely rebuild the brand, we chose to create a design that was an expansion of their existing style, one that would emphasize the hopefulness behind their work and convey an open and welcoming feel. Additionally, we provided WIX training to the team so to empower them with the creative tools to continue expanding the website as needed in the future.

Edna Hospital Tablet Mockups.jpg

the outcomes

With this project, we wanted to empower the client throughout the process and deliver a website that could elevate the reach of their work. By working collaboratively with Edna’s team, we were able to ensure that the website not only met their needs but also brought their impact to life visually.  We are honored for the opportunity to have partnered with Edna and her team.

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