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Branding & Website Development

FastForward for the Planet

FastForward is an international, intergenerational, and interreligious initiative designed to unify people of all beliefs in a common cause of regular fasting for the future of the planet. The newly established nonprofit organization sought out Declarative to help them establish a brand identity and clear messaging for their new website.

Fast Forward Logo_Final_Color_long.png

the objective

Develop a website and brand identity that both engages and educates potential partners and participants who are interested in fasting for the planet.

the deliverables

Brand identity, messaging, website design & development.

the opportunity

FastForward’s mission is to support members of the world’s faiths, as well as others of goodwill, to collectively address issues relating to the health and well-being of the earth, its people, and all its living things by raising funds saved through a regular fast for the future of the planet. The organization—which was established by scholars, environmental activists, and religious leaders—pools small donations from individuals who save the costs of meals fasted. FastForward’s goal is to generate significant funding for environmental organizations through these small but meaningful sacrifices.


our solution

As an organization collecting donations from faiths and individuals across the world, we knew a brand identity that expressed both trust and hope was essential. Additionally, FastForwards’s unique mission and approach to issue awareness demanded clarity of thought and ease of navigation. We wanted to ensure the intentionality of the mission rang true with design that sang through bright colors and peaceful imagery.


the outcomes

FastForward's new website is built to expand as the new organization establishes additional partnerships, plans events, and seeks to engage both religious and nonreligious participants in fasting for the planet. Declarative is excited to follow along as they grow and see the FastForward brand guidelines flourish.

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