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Brand Identity, Web Design, & Social


Glow is a sauna and soak service wellness center that strives to build a community of accessible and energizing wellness practices. The brick-and-mortar location in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides the space, saunas and soaking pools as a place to revitalize, recenter, and reconnect. After some initial brand exploration and feeling unsure about the direction, the Glow team reached out to Declarative to take the reins on their brand development journey.

glow logo_soak and sauna_black small.png

the objective

Help bring Glow's brand to life through a brand refresh, guiding the personality discovery process, and offering messaging and tone recommendations for a cohesive brand identity.

the deliverables

Brand book, social media templates, environmental signage for brick-and-mortar location, and website launch.

the opportunity

Glow’s founders are bringing a needed resource to the community and were excited for us to interpret the energy they wanted to bring to the brand. Because Glow wanted us to focus on key elements of recentering, groundedness, and tranquility in their branding and messaging, we knew they were offering something unique and intentional that hasn’t existed before.

Glow Brand Book Final.jpg

our solution

The Glow team entrusted us with creative freedom, enabling us to harness their bold ideas and craft a versatile brand. We refreshed their brand to feel fluid, kinetic, and tranquil, with an emphasis on inviting people in to reconnect with themselves.

GlowSocialMockupFinainl copy.jpg

the outcomes

From the initial conversations with the Glow team, we knew we wanted to partner with a women-owned-and-operated business that also aims to bring a much-needed wellness space to the community. Having established a good working relationship with Glow, we are excited to move forward with additional deliverables to further their brand’s impact.

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