Gwen Reynolds

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Gwendolyn Reynolds is the co-Founder of Declarative; which works to build innovative strategies for addressing social problems and creating change in organizations and systems. Declarative; is a women and nonbinary founded consulting firm where every employee is dedicated to creating data-driven, human-centric, and equity-oriented solutions for all types of organizations.
Gwen was a Senior Director at the Sorenson Impact Center, where she worked with the world's largest foundations to develop strategies to create more equitable systems. Gwen's background as a Data Scientist allows her to find data driven solutions to complex problems. She is also skilled at incorporating human-centric solutions into data analyses, creating solutions for clients that are right for both the bottom line and the people involved.
Gwen is an experienced research economist and worked for seven years as a Research Project Director for the National Bureau of Economic Research. She managed a behavioral economics lab that specializes in using behavioral science to create change in the health and finance sector.
Gwen has a BA from the University of Utah and an MTS from Harvard University. She has guest lectured in policy, data science, and impact measurement for both graduate courses and executive education.