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Impact Report, Film, & Motion Graphic

Frontier Set

The Frontier Set is a group of 29 colleges and universities and two state systems working to develop solutions to transform post-secondary education with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A cohort of six Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were selected to participate in the Frontier Set and collaborate to strengthen institutional relationships and improve student outcomes. Led by the HBCU Intermediary Team, the institutions were selected because of their successful initiatives aimed at improving student success and transforming the landscape of higher education. We partnered with the HBCU Intermediary Team to showcase the impact of their seven-year initiative to the foundation.

Frontier Set Logo-01.png

the objective

Develop a data-rich, visually appealing approach to the Frontier Set’s final presentation and assessment report. In addition, produce an explainer motion graphic and short film focused on Delaware State University as a case study.

the deliverables

Assessment report design, motion graphic, visual presentation, and film

DSU Case Study Film

the opportunity

The HBCU Intermediary team, led by Kathy Thompson, was seeking a partner to lead a creative storytelling approach that could capture the success of their seven-year initiative and ultimately bring it to life. The goal was to feature how the Frontier Set’s unique methodology catalyzed lasting collaboration and built infrastructure for student-centric transformation across all six HBCUs.


our solution

From initial conversations with the Frontier Set team, we knew this project would shine through a multimedia storytelling lens. By creating the deliverables around a specific narrative, we were able to weave them together cohesively. Each process was collaborative in nature and aimed to help the audience understand the long-term transformative nature of the Frontier Set. Our goal was to help present the complicated learnings in a way that was quick to understand so that outsiders reading the report could identify scalable and replicable models for transformation in higher ed. To do this, we used visual components and metaphors to simplify concepts and quickly drive their story home.


HBCU FrontierSet Motion Graphic Story

the outcomes

The creative storytelling angle for this project brought a bold and human approach to such an impactful initiative. We believe in the Frontier Set’s powerful methodology to transform higher education and better set students up for success. The deliverables captured and communicated the initiative’s impact, and did justice to their incredible stories.

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