Manager & Impact Researcher

Neah Bois is a Project Manager and Impact Researcher at Declarative where she works with partners and clients to elevate their impact through data and storytelling. Neah is passionate about creating data-driven, human-centric, and equity-oriented solutions for all types of organizations.


Prior to working at Declarative, Neah was an associate at the Sorenson Impact Center where she worked on data and policy initiatives in the fields of Higher Education and Rural Economic Development. Neah specialized in social impact research and developed a passion for working with organizations of all types to catalyze impact and cross-sector collaboration. She strongly believes in bringing human-centric and equity-oriented solutions to the forefront of the social impact sector. 


Neah has always been passionate about community engagement and advocacy. She worked for three years as a sexual violence educator and advocate on her college campus, sits on the board of an environmental defense nonprofit, and is a high school lacrosse coach in her spare time. 


Neah has a BA from Occidental College in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture with an emphasis in Ancient Greek and feminist theory and earned honors and awards for her work on campus and in the community.