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2023 Communications Arts Award of Excellence

64th Annual Design Competition

The 64th Annual Design Competition by Communication Arts has recognized the illustration work of Declarative Labs with one of the most coveted Best-in-Show awards in the visual communication industry. The juried competition celebrated the work of designer Alicia Pangman who created a series of 20 illustrations for their client, the National Trust for Local News (The Trust).

The National Trust for Local News conserves, transforms, and sustains community news organizations. The nonprofit keeps local news in local hands by pairing scaled operating capacity with local governance to ensure established, trusted news organizations thrive and remain deeply grounded in their communities. Declarative Labs developed a brand to capture their impact as changemakers in locally-owned and representative press, with the illustrations at the center of the brand identity. These illustrations celebrate the diversity of communities served by The Trust, and what local events & at-home activities might look like across the U.S. Read the case study about our ongoing partnership with The Trust here.

Illustration is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services offered by the women-owned collective. Declarative Labs provides bespoke solutions using data, design, and dynamic storytelling to equip well-intentioned organizations with every advantage. To collaborate or learn more about additional services including impact reporting, data visualization, film, and branding, contact us.

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