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How We Use Data-Storytelling to Amplify Impact

At Declarative, we believe businesses and individuals deserve more than cookie-cutter solutions. That's why we harness data-storytelling and collaboration to amplify the impact of a myriad of clients - from local bakeries to international investment firms.

As a collective (and did we mention—a women-owned and operated one), Declarative fosters an engaging and collaborative internal culture that reverberates through our external partnerships with clients along every step of their impact journey. Together, we are focused on sustainable outcomes, not just outputs.

“Gabor said, 'you can't predict the future, but you can create it.' This foundational pillar of our truth empowers our team to look beyond themselves and immerse themselves into the data of all.” —Ellesse Balli

Mission-driven and value-aligned clients come to us wondering how to define their vision and goals so that investors, stakeholders, and customers better understand the impact of their organization. Pooling our collective expertise in strategy, data, and creative design, we dream big with our clients. Then, we develop concrete goals as to how we can accomplish those dreams and support their journey.

Our clients’ dreams can and do create new futures for the communities they feed, build, and advocate for. This is where our 3D methodology comes in, effectively turning dreams into action. We help clients develop an impact framework with measurable outcomes, collect data around those outcomes, and then design the data to tell a compelling story. These services include but are not limited to impact research and measurement, impact analysis, survey design, data dashboards, and data visualization. Strategic, detailed impact work ignites our clients’ vision with a fresh perspective and allows them to see the tangible, positive ways they are sparking change.

Declarative specializes in data-storytelling, employing data visualization strategies to bridge the gap between quantitative analysis and genuine human-centric understanding. Our innovative designers collaborate with clients to create bespoke, captivating solutions for everything from brand identity and websites to impact reports and investor decks. Our collective even includes award-winning filmmakers who can give brands a voice and showcase their work with passionate campaigns or case study films. Rather than focusing on the form of the deliverable, however, we focus on what needs to be said and why people need to hear it. This entails cycles of interviews and research to ensure clients’ visions are fully met as we work on visualizing that “why.”

We know that one size does not fit all. Our clients’ passions are our purpose and motivation for abolishing cookie-cutter solutions. We customize our analyses, strategies, and designs to each client’s needs so their story can rise above the sea of noise. As our clients discover and tell new stories, we help bring their impact to life. We’re ready to support your impact journey, wherever you may be in the process. Let’s make some magic together.


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