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Branding & Package Design


PowerME is a health tech platform dedicated to helping its users take control of their own health, and empowering individuals to learn more about how they can improve their overall wellbeing. We collaborated with powerME to provide strategic insight and messaging, branding guidelines, and packaging design.


the objective

Develop branding, packaging, campaign designs, and the overall strategy and messaging for the powerME platform with the goal to help powerME connect with their desired audience and tell a cohesive story.

the deliverables

Strategic insight and messaging, branding guidelines, and packaging design.

the opportunity

powerME was seeking a partner to bring their concept to life with branding and strategic messaging by creating a cohesive narrative to reach their intended audiences. Our unique blend of data, design, and dynamic storytelling allowed us to apply a multidimensional approach throughout the process, culminating in the creation of deliverables that captured the concept of powerME through the application of thoughtful design.

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our solution

From the beginning concept to the final release of the product, we were at the table identifying, ideating, and creating. We met with the client to understand their goals and desired audience, then generated a messaging deck, covering the trajectory of the project, strategy for future growth, and a breakdown of product services and assets. 


Our methodology was pure immersion and the balancing of strategy, messaging, and design. We conducted additional research into potential audiences and how they might interact with the platform. This research informed the design process, where we honed in on an overall presentation that would connect with the potential user base and developed deliverables to follow suit. 

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the outcomes

Our collaborative and strategy-driven approach allowed us to create deliverables that both met the immediate needs of our client and could evolve and expand as the platform continues to grow, empowering our client with direction and flexibility. When tested, the product surpassed expectations for engagement, providing our client with the foundation for continued success and growth.

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