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Impact Report & Data Design

Salt Lake County

 Salt Lake County is the largest and most populated region in the state of Utah with over 1.2 million residents. The county conducted initial research about economic competitiveness in the region and was looking to turn the data findings into an accessible document that would effectively communicate a shared regional vision for prosperity.

the objective

Utilizing the existing research and data, craft a compelling story around the economic competitiveness of the Salt Lake region.

the deliverables

Refined report and presentation deck, including data visualization, iconography, and a map

the opportunity

Salt Lake County had already conducted extensive research to showcase economic competitiveness and tasked our team with helping transform existing narratives and data into a compelling report around potential growth that would resonate with stakeholders. Their research had amassed extensive data to paint a realistic view of regional opportunities, and together we aimed to refine the data for stakeholders to share a representative and positive view of existing collaborative opportunities.

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our solution

Working closely with Salt Lake County, we began by workshopping their initial draft to understand what data to include, the story they wanted to tell, and how to best capture the project. Our design team converted the research into a visually engaging report and presentation deck, integrating data visualization, icons, and a map to convey the local economic landscape. Through imagery, we highlighted Salt Lake County's limited undeveloped land, accompanied by an optimistic portrayal of how Salt Lake ranks to others in the region.

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the outcomes

Salt Lake County has experienced a significant amount of growth in the past decade, and the amount of undeveloped land continues to decrease. Through our collaboration with the county’s team, our goal was to help illustrate the vast possibilities for growth and convey a positive narrative of opportunity. We enjoyed having the opportunity to share this story of a hopeful outlook by leveraging data storytelling through design.

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