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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report

Simpson Housing

Simpson Housing is a 75-year-old real estate firm that currently owns or manages approximately 23,000 apartment units across 14 states.  Their mission is to provide an exceptional employee experience and award-winning customer service, create long-term value for investors, and enhance their local communities. Simpson’s commitment to strong corporate citizenship guides their work and has positioned them as a leader in the industry. As part of this continued commitment, they partnered with Declarative to tell the story of their impact to date by creating their inaugural sustainability report.

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the objective

Conceptualize, develop, and design a comprehensive sustainability report and complementary executive summary that showcase the impact of Simpson Housing’s robust program of social and environmental sustainability efforts.

the deliverables

Sustainability report and executive summary that highlight the progress made across environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and strong governance using a data-driven and visually rich approach.

the opportunity

Sustainability has long been a core value of Simpson Housing.  As the Simpson Housing team worked to formalize their corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives, they sought a partner to create a bespoke report that illustrated their portfolio of initiatives and results to stakeholders. The goal was to document their progress in one place and communicate their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility through a compelling, formalized report that weaved together narrative, data, and design.


our solution

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and this project was no exception. We worked with the Simpson Housing team to align visually with their current brand and suggest the best pathway to communicate their impact. We then conducted interviews with executives from each department and several employees to capture the full impact of their initiatives. Utilizing thoughtful but eye-catching data visualization, we coalesced Simpson’s suite of sustainability initiatives into a cohesive narrative that showcases the stories that drive their impact.


the outcomes

Ultimately our goal was to demonstrate the progress Simpson Housing has made to date while also laying the foundation for future impact storytelling. Through a dynamic partnership, we were able to create a report that effectively captures and communicates their profound impact to their tenants, employees, investors, and stakeholders.

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