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Short Film

Science Research Initiative

The Science Research Initiative (SRI) brings all undergraduate students in STEM at the University of Utah research opportunities as incoming freshmen. Many STEM students don’t have access to research positions throughout their undergraduate program, placing them at a disadvantage when applying to graduate school or career positions. The nationally recognized SRI program extends lab experience, mentorship, and career exploration opportunities to students in the sciences.

the objective

Create a short film focusing on SRI’s impact and mission of increasing undergraduate research and mentorship opportunities for STEM majors.

the deliverables

Film to showcase and promote the impact of SRI’s program to prospective students, administrators, and funders.

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the opportunity

The SRI program is geared towards helping students explore and gain experience in science-related fields, but the impact extends far beyond career exploration. Because of the nature of this program being student-centric, we knew this story needed to be told through the lens of the student perspective and their experience with mentorship and access to opportunities.

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our solution

Using the power of storytelling, we were able to share the importance of this multi-faceted program and its impact on undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and the direct alignment with the University’s mission as a Research 1 institution.

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the outcomes

From the initial conversations with SRI, we knew we wanted to partner to share the programmatic impact, but also highlight the team that has been dedicated to bringing these opportunities to fruition. Having backgrounds in the sciences and now mentors to students themselves, their relationships with student interviewees allowed us to showcase a genuine dedication to the success of this program.

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