Design Director & Creative Strategist

Steph Shotorbani is the Design Director & Creative Strategist at Declarative where she combines her love for data and design to make the world she lives in a more beautiful, equitable, and understandable environment. Steph is passionate about creativity and how it can influence her community for good.


Prior to Declarative, Steph was the Senior Designer at the Sorenson Impact Center, where she worked both internally and externally to create strong visuals for important initiatives within the social impact sector. Her expertise is expansive as she has worked with many mediums including: brand strategy, environmental, print, web, package, and book design. The common thread to Steph’s work is her ability to make each project unique and individualized, communicating the importance of what the creation needs to say. Steph also had the opportunity to intern at Nike Swim, and feels lucky to have produced several pieces for their 2020 collection.


Steph believes in cross-sector collaboration, and contributing to her community with creative solutions. She thrives when people come together to support those who are following their dreams, and strives to do so daily. To shine a light on up-and-coming artists, Steph is a Fine Arts Ambassador for the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, where she graduated with honors with a BFA in Graphic Design.