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Web & Graphic Designer | he/him

Ben Lindsay is a graphic designer and UI/UX designer at Declarative, focusing on web, print, and layout design. He strives to create beautiful visuals that communicate our clients' stories while simultaneously creating a clear and enjoyable user experience. Ben views graphic design as a form of teaching, taking the message of whatever he is creating and designing it in a way that best communicates that message through typography, imagery, and layout. For him, graphic design is problem-solving personified as imagery, and he hopes to make the lives of others a little more joyful and beautiful with his work.

Ben has been drawn toward the graphic arts his entire life, especially through movies and video games. From the moment he first saw Link pull the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time to seeing Luke flying down the trenches of the Death Star, he has been captivated by art’s ability to teach, tell stories, and inspire. He has worked as a design tutor at Salt Lake Community College, a graphic designer at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, a UX/UI designer at Jolt Software, and as a freelance UI/UX design for CRAFTConnect Family Support and a handful of indie video game companies.

Ben has heard that laughter increases a person’s lifespan; therefore, he is immortal.

“I think creativity comes down to someone's ability to problem-solve. If I ask the question, “What adds to the number 4?” some people might answer 2 and 2. Other people might start to think of the countless solutions to that question. To me, that’s creativity. It’s not someone that can solve a problem, it’s someone who can create innumerable ways to solve a problem.”

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