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MSc, MBA | Director of Stakeholder Engagement | | he/him

Grant Baskerville is Declarative’s Director of Stakeholder Engagement, working side by side with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop actionable strategies to elevate their voice. From providing support around organizational strategy and development to unique storytelling, he strives to co-create solutions that empower our clients.

Grant’s journey to Declarative has included a mix of professional experiences spanning almost 20 years. He has worked as a political advisor in the Scottish and European Parliaments, served as a consultant and in-house lobbyist, and has worked in areas as diverse as renewable energy, social policy, health and wellbeing, and impact investing. These experiences have given Grant the opportunity to meet and learn from many great leaders and colleagues, and he brings his passions for strategic storytelling, advocacy, and policy to his role at Declarative.

Grant holds a BA from the University of Stirling, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh Business School. He previously served as a board member of three UK-based non-profits and currently serves on the board of the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy, a non profit focused on promoting dialogue and building cultural bridges between nations.

Grant is an avid golfer, having played for nearly 34 years. He claims to have never played anything close to a perfect round, but he won’t stop trying…

“For me creativity is synonymous with free thinking and not being bound by conventional wisdom, practices, or tradition. It is the ability to anticipate and lean into new ideas and ways of thinking.”

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