MTS | Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist | | she/her

Gwendolyn Reynolds is the Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Declarative Labs. Driven by her passion to bring humanity into data, Gwen founded Declarative with the goal to amplify organizations’ impact using data, design, and dynamic storytelling. Gwen works closely with clients to discover their data needs and uses creative methodology to offer tangible insights and solutions. She uses survey design, market research, and advanced statistical analyses to identify data stories that can be told through engaging visualizations and dashboards.

Gwen’s journey began during her undergraduate studies when she fell in love with the algebra of linguistic grammar. After completing her graduate degree at Harvard University, her love of computer languages and mathematics led her to the National Bureau of Economic Research where she served as Project Director in a behavioral economics lab for nearly a decade. She has subsequently held senior leadership positions with the University of Utah and HubSpot.

Gwen has used her innate ability to identify structure and patterns in human-centered data across multiple sectors, including nonprofits, governments, Fortune 500 companies, primary and secondary education, health care, and tech. Gwen loves identifying data that inspires people to act, and she remains passionate about using data to transform industries.

Gwen has a wild five-year-old daughter who takes her on the best adventures. Her daughter’s creativity inspires Gwen to find magic wherever she can.

"Data is so often kept in a vacuum, but we need data to convince ourselves and others. As a data scientist, I want to help connect data to people and drive action. I love to use data to tell a story that is meaningful."