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MPA | Producer & Project Manager | | she/her

Lexi Kaili is a project manager at Declarative and produces our impact films. She also supports our storytelling work, the content creation process, and leads social media efforts. Whether she is conducting interviews for a film or helping a client tell their story, Lexi is consumed by the innate power of storytelling. As a Native Hawaiian, mo’olelo are narrative stories that are culturally significant and gain more power with each retelling. To Lexi, narrative stories are essential to what it means to be human. Stories have the ability to pass down knowledge, shift perspectives, and influence core beliefs. Lexi’s work allows her to carry on the tradition of storytelling that preludes the written language.

Lexi’s journey to this work began with her own experiences as a BIPOC navigating outdated institutional systems, and she is passionate about amplifying the voices of individuals who are working to redesign these systems so those suffering can move beyond survival and thrive. While pursuing a bachelor’s in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, she studied the designing of green communities, building local food systems, and documentary film to shift attention toward these narratives. Pairing her love for the natural world and film, she completed a multimedia journalism internship with Oregon Public Broadcasting to tell stories of scientific discovery and outdoor exploration. While getting her Masters of Public Administration, Lexi supplemented her studies with a storytelling internship at the Sorenson Impact Center to understand the potential strength of cross-sector collaboration to change inequitable systems.

Lexi dreams in vivid film format almost every night, and the closer she is to water, the more evocative, symbolic, and detailed they are.

“Being creative to me is choosing to lead with authenticity and heart in everything I do, every single day.”

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