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Director of Strategic Partnerships | she/her

Neah Bois is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Declarative, leading our outreach, engagement, and community building strategies with a diverse range of clientele. In her various business development roles, Neah creates lasting partnerships with clients to ensure their needs are met from start to finish. Neah also focuses on Declarative’s internal strategy and process, and is a fastidious researcher and writer.

Neah came to this work through a passion for problem solving and connection. Her ability to identify interdisciplinary solutions is rooted in her educational background in language, theory, philosophy, art, and culture. She is seen by her colleagues as the team’s resident digger—someone who will always take on a challenge because she thrives with purpose-based human connection.

Neah graduated from Occidental College with a BA in Comparative Studies and Literature, with an emphasis on Classic literature and art. She has prior experience as a researcher and student program advisor at the University of Utah’s Sorenson Impact Center and as a survivor advocate for sexual assault prevention and advocacy.

Neah is a true athlete who uses her body to be outdoors in every way imaginable. She finds peace in the mountains skiing huge peaks, climbing ice and rock, or just walking on a trail watching the sunrise.

“My creativity flourishes when I am able to develop connections, whether it’s collaborating with clients to solve a complex problem or when I am in the mountains finding a new route or skiing a new line.”

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