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MPH, MSIS | Data Scientist | | she/her

Sreeja Nair is a data scientist at Declarative, working with our clients to analyze their data and discover the actionable insights and compelling stories within it. Sreeja specializes in using data from multiple sources to capture key insights, and has a joy for discovering unique and engaging ways to share data that move people to action. At Declarative, Sreeja leads our work building data dashboards and works closely with our design team to create informative and inspirational data visualizations. As a data scientist, she sees herself as a detective searching for the human stories within numbers.

Before becoming a data scientist, Sreeja was a doctor in India, working with rural communities to provide access to quality medical care. Through her work with community health centers and non-profits, she fostered a love for impact-focused work and discovered her passion for working with data. Throughout her career as a data scientist, she has analyzed complex data models and built dashboards that shed a light on disparities among various racial and ethnic groups across early childhood systems, primary, secondary, and higher education systems, as well as across broader community indicators.

Sreeja graduated from the University of Utah with an M.S. in Information Systems and holds a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery from India.

She is a mother of two felines with a human on the way, and loves all things Bangtan Sonyeondan.

“Playing with data is fun! When I approach data creatively, I am able to find new and innovative ways to analyze, describe, and share complex data. ”

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