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Creative Director | she/her

Steph Shotorbani is the Creative Director at Declarative. She focuses on catching the vision of our clients “why” and taking them on a journey of our collective “how." Steph uses her skills to understand, connect with, and surprise her audience regardless of the medium she employs. Whether it’s strategizing a brand identity or telling a story through data visualization, her goal is to align the how and the why seamlessly, creating beautiful and thoughtful products that spark joy.

Steph’s journey to this work is through the people she has met. While studying at the University of Utah, she had opportunities to take her educational training into the real world, including at Nike Swim in Portland, OR, and at the Sorenson Impact Center in Salt Lake City, UT. There, she met influential people who believed in who she is and what she can do as a creative, including the Declarative co-founders who taught Steph that purpose is important, and that passion-filled stories are the ones worth telling. Now, Steph lives day-to-day connecting with people who are driven by their purpose and ready to tell their story creatively.

Good food is where Steph’s brain spends most of its energy, Ted Lasso has her whole heart, and laughing so hard that she cries is a weekly occurrence.

“To me, creativity and humanity are one in the same. It is connection, it is perspective, it is passion. If we focus on creativity, we can move towards being more human to reignite the “creative spark” for a more purposeful life.”

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