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Survey Creation, Branding,
& Toolkit Design


UServeUtah is the State's Commission on Service and Volunteerism, working to inspire, equip, and mobilize individuals and organizations to take action to transform their communities. We partnered with their team and Pathway Associates to create a visually rich and personal survey with accompanying informational toolkits to guide users to their top Community Engagement Pathway.

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the objective

Design and build an interactive survey that guides users to their top Community Engagement Pathway and create informational toolkits to increase interest, involvement, and engagement in volunteerism and service throughout Utah.

the deliverables

Custom branding and illustration, interactive survey, toolkits, and social media assets.

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the opportunity

UServeUtah was seeking a partner to create a custom survey that through aptitude and interest questions would guide users to their top Community Engagement Pathway. In addition, UServeUtah was looking to create informational toolkits that users could read to understand their Pathway in more detail and be inspired to volunteer in their communities. The goal of this project was to provide Utahns with an opportunity to understand how they might like to engage with their community and be moved to begin their volunteerism journey.

Declarative_brand guide mockup.jpg

our solution

Our unique blend of data, design, and dynamic storytelling allowed us to provide a holistic approach to the project from start to finish. 


We began by understanding the client's goals and intended audiences to identify what this project would need to accomplish and the best ways to distribute and present the final products. With this knowledge, we created a brand and design style rooted in thinking outside of the box to give a unique and exciting perspective to the survey and the toolkits in order to inspire users to engage with their communities. We developed eye-catching custom graphics to incorporate within the survey and toolkits which allowed us to bring a youthful perspective that showed intentionality in diversity.  


Lastly, we created social media assets for our client to use when they promote the survey and toolkits throughout the state.

survey mockup.jpg

the outcomes

By understanding our client's goals, we were able to foster a collaborative relationship that sparked creativity and produced a product that was unique in the field. The survey and toolkits provide UServeUtah with a new and exciting tool to further their mission to inspire, equip, and mobilize individuals and organizations to take action to transform their communities. 

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