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Short Film


WeBeWell is a preventive, evidence-based well-being and mental health promotion program that empowers students to thrive. WeBeWell's curriculum is shown to decrease depression, anxiety, and stress and increase well-being, happiness, and satisfaction with life. WeBeWell’s comprehensive program draws on positive and clinical psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, and mindfulness. This multifaceted and holistic approach addresses the many different needs of undergraduate and graduate college students, and youth from grades 6-12.


the objective

Craft a short film following the stories of four student program participants, focusing on their journeys to better mental health and well-being using the WeBeWell model.

the deliverables

Five-minute short film to showcase and promote the positive impact of WeBeWell’s six-week program on undergraduate students.

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the opportunity

The WeBeWell initiative was created by students, for students. Because students understand best what they are missing on college campuses, this program shines a light on the college mental health crisis and the impact of the WeBeWell curriculum to improve student mental health and well-being in just six weeks.

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our solution

In sharing the story through the student perspective, we knew it would have the ability to show potential students, investors, and academic institutions how needed and powerful this program is. We looked to WeBeWell to identify our student interviewees based on their experience with the program, and their long-term commitment to driving the mission forward by becoming employees.

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the outcomes

Through collaboration with the WeBeWell team, we were able to share the impact their program is having in an engaging and cinematic way. We worked together with our partner to make sure we told the right story and appreciated their trust and willingness to pivot to create the best possible deliverable.

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