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Promotional Film

Clean Slate

Clean Slate Utah is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Utah’s Clean Slate Law, as well as providing petition-based expungement services and legal resources for those who don’t qualify for automatic expungement.

We partnered with Clean Slate Utah to create a film for the organization to promote the newly adopted Clean Slate Law – a first-of-its-kind automatic expungement legislation with Utah only being the second state in the nation to implement it.

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the objective

Craft a film that uses dynamic storytelling to raise awareness of the Clean Slate Law, who is eligible for automatic expungement, and how it will positively impact a quarter of Utah’s population.

the deliverables

Film for promotion and amplification of Utah’s Clean Slate Law and additional organizational services.

the opportunity

With Utah’s Clean Slate Law launching in early 2022, we worked alongside their team to explore how the film could appeal to a broad audience of stakeholders, and also be used to promote and raise additional funding for the nonprofit. This allowed us to strategically guide the direction of the film from the beginning, while remaining open to including additional perspectives to make sure we delivered the right story. We conducted multiple interviews across different shoot days to hear how the law was supported by directly-impacted individuals, legislators, public safety officials, and the business community.

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our solution

As storytellers, we focused on bringing multiple perspectives together to demonstrate the collaborative, progressive, and impactful nature of Utah’s Clean Slate Law. Working with Clean Slate Utah, we interviewed directly-impacted individuals to hear first-hand how this legislation will positively impact a large group of Utahns, a police chief to share a public safety perspective, and the dedicated attorney who brought the initiative to fruition.

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the outcomes

We worked together with our partner to make sure we told the right story, and appreciated their trust and willingness to pivot when necessary in order to create the best possible deliverable.

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