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Promotional Film

Clean Slate

Clean Slate Utah is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Utah’s Clean Slate Law, which dictates that the government use technology to expunge records for qualified individuals automatically. The nonprofit also provides petition-based expungement services, pardon support and legal resources for those who don’t qualify for automatic expungement.

In 2021, Declarative partnered with Clean Slate Utah to create a film to promote the newly adopted Clean Slate Law – a first-of-its-kind automatic expungement law. Utah led out as the nation’s second state to implement the law which will impact 1 in 4 residents. Our team has since partnered with Clean Slate on a second round of film deliverables to share the impact of expungement on individuals’ lives.

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the objective

Craft a film that follows the stories of individuals going through the expungement process, the existing barriers, and how a clean record continues to positively impact a quarter of Utah’s population.

the deliverables

Film for promotion and amplification of Utah’s Clean Slate Law and the importance of partnerships, policy and funding for expungement.

the opportunity

We worked alongside the Clean Slate team to explore how the film could appeal to a broad audience of stakeholders and accelerate high-impact partnerships and funding opportunities for the nonprofit. We conducted multiple interviews to hear how Clean Slate advances several pathways to expungement and continues to advocate for directly impacted individuals through partnerships and policy.

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our solution

As storytellers, we focused on bringing multiple perspectives together to demonstrate the collaborative, progressive, and impactful nature of Clean Slate Utah. We interviewed directly impacted individuals to hear firsthand how this law is positively impacting a large group of Utahns and how Clean Slate Utah provides a pathway through the pardon process if charges are not Clean Slate eligible.

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the outcomes

We are grateful for the ongoing trust and relationship we have enjoyed with Clean Slate over the years. Together, our storytelling lives on to inspire, educate, and raise awareness about how important a second chance is for those who are dedicated to a better life.

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