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Branding & Identity Design

The Wilkes Center

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy is a newly established Center at the University of Utah dedicated to developing and implementing innovative, practical solutions to tackle climate change in Utah, the United States, and the globe. Our team partnered with the Center to prepare for their launch in fall of 2022, creating their visual brand identity and other marketing materials.

the objective

Create a brand that captured the mission and vision of the Center while incorporating elements of the natural Utah landscape and already established University of Utah branding.

the deliverables

Brand identity, logo, marketing materials, website consulting.

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the opportunity

As a entirely new unit at the University of Utah, the Wilkes Center was looking to establish a brand identity that aligned with their vision and mission while capturing the attention of their wide audience. The Center entrusted our team with creative latitude—asking only to build a brand that evokes both the State’s legacy and future.

our solution

With the rapid launch of the Center came a rapid delivery time — researching, immersing, and designing the brand within 3 weeks. We built the identity and corresponding deliverables around the Center’ core values, creating a brand that is ambitious, bold, inclusive, innovative, inspirational, transparent, and trustworthy. Our deliverables leaned into a natural and organic color palette, a nod to Utah’s landscape. Each color represents an iconic location in the beehive state, but was built with the ability to mobilize beyond Utah’s borders.

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the outcomes

We are proud to have created a grounded yet futuristic brand tone that captures the Wilkes Center’s dedication to catalyzing innovative yet actionable solutions. Since its launch, the Center has embraced our branding in its website, social media, and marketing materials. We are grateful to partner with the Center and support their critical mission to tackle climate change.

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